Karma and Point System

Karma? Points? What?

First and foremost, it's important to note that karma and points are two different systems. They are related, but not exactly the same. Here are the differences:

Karma is your acceptance level. It is more permanent in the long-run, but still capable of being increased or decreased on day-to-day activity. The more karma you have than other members, the higher your acceptance level and the more likely your post will be promoted either by being featured or through other means. Likewise, if your karma is negative or lower than most users, it can make you an easier target for getting your posts flagged. The bottomline is you want as much karma as you can get.

Points are purely for contests and are more short-term. You will only ever lose points if a user cancels an action that had given you a point before; this assumes that the contest has not ended. Once a contest has ended, the point system will be locked and the leaderboard results are finalized. Points will reset to 0 when a new contest begins, at which time the point system is functional again.

You will receive 1 karma and 1 point when one of the following occurs:
- One of your posts or comments is upvoted.
- Your profile is followed.
HOWEVER: Your IP address must be different than the person who upvoted you and you will only receive a point while the contest is running. Check the leaderboard to see the status of the current contest.
ALSO: You will not receive points or karma for receiving upvotes from accounts with suspicious activity.

You will lose karma when one of the following occurs:
- You submit a post or comment; this only costs 1 karma.
- One of your posts is selected to be promoted or featured by a site moderator; the cost of karma will vary based on competition but will never be more than 1% of your karma.
HOWEVER: You will not lose any karma for being featured or promoted during the first month that Pagebacker News is open (6/23 - 7/23).
ALSO: If you have received upvotes from accounts with suspicious activity, then you may retroactively lose any points or karma you received from that upvote.

You can view your karma and points anytime using your profile page, which is accessible from the dropdown in the top right of the page.