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Who are the winners?

2016-07-23 01:08:27 in Uncategorized by Moderator

1.  Hunor Barabas   1220 points

2.  M. Ashraful Tanvir    426 points

4.  Sulaksha Gad   138 points

Although Magic Rogic had 3rd place, she was a poor sport and withdrew from the competition shortly after several accounts were identified ilegitimate reducing her several hundred points. I applied the same rules to everyone, but she was not happy with this so she withdrew. For this reason, Sulaksha Gad gets 3rd place and earns 500 karma points. Tanvir gets 2nd place and 1000 Karma, and Hunor Barabas gets that grand prize of $238. Your prize will be received promptly. Congrats to everyone!

If you enjoyed this contest and you'd like to see more contests like this, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for participating all!


Hunor Barabas

Hunor Barabas 2016-07-26T11:20:39+0000

Please accept the transfer on Freelancer. Thank You!


Hunor Barabas

Hunor Barabas 2016-07-24T14:13:24+0000

Thank You! I would love to take part in future contests! @Moderator I would suggest stating the rules right at the beginning. The mini contests are fun to do, but they give you such a huge advantage that if you don't notice them, you basically lost the contest. I would recommend giving less points for them, so the upvotes on the posts and comments won't become useless. Other than that, it was an awesome experience!


M. Ashraful Tanvir

M. Ashraful Tanvir 2016-07-23T12:48:20+0000

Yes, I for one would love to see more contests like this ( except the 1000 points mini contest..because it's hard to beat). Congratulations @ Hunor and thanks @ Moderator for hosting the contest. I enjoyed the contest to the last moment question