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How can I get lots of points?

2016-07-20 05:39:57 in Uncategorized by Moderator

If you're struggling turning your posts into points then stop. Posting news a lot does not mean you are going to get lots of points. The key is to engage with users. Stop posting news all day long and start interacting with the content that is posted. Moderators will upvote good comments and replies very generously, so don't be surprised if your response makes 50 to 100 points in a few minutes. Also, you can get a lot more points submitting questions than news and you can get even more points for engaging with featured posts.

M. Ashraful Tanvir

M. Ashraful Tanvir 2016-07-20T15:30:20+0000

Thanks for the tips.


Hunor Barabas

Hunor Barabas 2016-07-20T06:42:24+0000

I feel like I'm in Hogwarts, collecting points for my house. A childhood dream came true question #houseslytherin


Moderator 2016-07-20T06:57:19+0000

Nice analogy! 10 points for Slytherin! (Yes, I actually just gave you 10 points...)