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Latest Radical Changes with Points [answered]

2016-07-12 14:33:17 in Uncategorized by Maja Rogic


I need to ask our admin/contest holder to kindly explain reduction (radical reduction) with points and karma we have recently experinced. Why almost 200 hundred of mine and one other contestant's points are not received although they are given by followers participating?

 Thanks in advance!


P.S. I checked the rules and I know the rules: IP address of my followers must be different than mine in order for the points to count - which is absolutely the case with me. None of my followers shares the same IP address (or address :D ) with me.


Also one of my followers disappeared form my followers -_-. How come??? I really need some answers. Not only that he is not listed under my followers but his votes are all gone - not even visible...Can someone please explain?


Moderator 2016-07-17T06:22:41+0000

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