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I am new to this site

2016-07-05 22:15:08 in Uncategorized by Norah Davex

I am new to this site can you tell me how this works



Maja Rogic

Maja Rogic 2016-07-05T22:47:02+0000

Hello, Norah! As a fellow Pagebacker to another Pagebacker: it is great to have you here with us. You have different categories under which you can post interesting fresh news about writing, books and publishing you find around the web - make sure the news are fresh and put under the right category. You will surely be getting votes - you can submit articles and share them by simply uploading them via "Submit News" found on your left, on the Dashboard. Check the point and karma system for more info on voting - you will find it in the bottom of any page, including this one. Enjoy posting! P.S. You can also vote for other's posts you think are interesting enough to deserve your vote.


Moderator 2016-07-05T23:24:09+0000

Well said, Maja and thanks for giving Norah the warm welcome! question @Norah If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.