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M. Ashraful Tanvir

M. Ashraful Tanvir 2016-07-16T11:55:59+0000

Hey Sonia, welcome to pagebacker.com. Nice work with the novel!

Sonia Rambarran

Sonia Rambarran 2016-07-16T19:18:49+0000

Thank you!


Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk 2016-07-16T02:14:05+0000

Are you looking for any critique?

Sonia Rambarran

Sonia Rambarran 2016-07-16T02:20:39+0000

I would like to have my work read and be advised with constructive criticism, however, since it's not completed yet I don't know how that will work out. I currently write on Wattpad and I am hoping of getting my books recognised and soon published *also, not to mention that I am also working with a no fee budget here so...